Fundraising / Sponsoring

Financing the exhibition

The fundraising campaign must collect CHF 210’000.–. It will start after all the offers from subcontractors have been submitted to the association board and approved. The campaign should thus be launched in August 2021 and will last till December 2021.

Public and private foundations, as well as Cantons and cities, are the primary sources for funding cultural projects in Switzerland and in the Neuchâtel region. The selection of possible sponsors is divided into three groups. Sponsors are chosen on the basis of their reliability and their regular support to cultural projects, especially museums. Sponsors from the Canton of Neuchâtel will be approached in priority, as the exhibition project concerns the history of the region. The amount next to each foundation indicates the amount that the EspaceTemps will apply for. Foundations without any will be approached in case the first foundations won’t sponsor our project.

Foundations in the Neuchâtel Canton
– Loterie Romande: 100’000.–
– Fondation du Casino de Neuchâtel: 10’000.–
– Fondation culturelle BCN – Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise: 10’000.–
– Banque Bonhôte: 10’000.–
– Service de la culture de l’Etat de Neuchâtel: 5’000.–
– Ville de Neuchâtel: 5’000.–
– Fondation Neuchâteloise Assurances du 125e anniversaire

National foundations
– Sandoz – Fondation de Famille: 20’000.–
– Ernst Göhner Foundation: 10’000.–
– Fondation Ernest Dubois: 10’000.–
– Foundation de la Haute Horlogerie: 10’000.–
– Pro Helvetia: 5’000.–

We will contact watchmaking brands in the Jura Arc whose history has a meaningful
connection with the Observatory. In particular, we will contact:
– Zenith (Le Locle): 5’000.–
– Ulysse Nardin (La Chaux-de-Fonds): 5’000.–
– Longines (St-Imier): 5’000.–
– Omega (Biel).

Financing annual activities

Each year, the fundraising campaign will also have to collect CHF 5’000.–. This money will be asked from the two main Neuchâtel sponsors but also to one of the watchmaking companies that would like to establish a partnership with the exhibition.
– Loterie Romande: 3’000.–
– Fondation culturelle BCN – Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise: 1’000.–
– Zenith (Le Locle): 1’000.–

Advantages for partners

  • To contribute to a unique project on the Swiss scientific heritage
  • To benefit from visibility at regional and national level
  • To reach a new audience
  • To benefit from the advantages of a communication in three languages
  • To benefit from a sumptuous setting where to organize events or company outings

Services offered to sponsors

  • Company/Foundation logo mentioned on the promotional material of the exhibition: posters, leaflets, etc.
  • Company/Foundation name displayed at the entrance to the exhibition on “Impressum” board
  • Invitations to the opening of the exhibition
  • Guided tours purposely organized for the sponsors
  • Other more special services are possible for main sponsors. They will be discussed and organized on a case-by-case basis