On this page you will find the different documents produced for the colloquiums during my master in design at the HKB.

Colloquium 1
13 June 2019
Paper  |  Oral presentation

The evolution of my project made me decide, after discussions with my supervisors and the Head of the department, to change my project from Research to Entrepreneurship of my curriculum, from the 3rd semester. The aim of my project is to develop an exhibition and this goes in the direction of entrepreneurial achievement.

Colloquium 2
17 June 2020
Paper  |  Oral presentation

After Colloquium 1, I decided to focus on the heart of the exhibition, the Observatory’s Hirsch Pavilion, an Art Nouveau style building inaugurated in 1912 to commemorate its first director, Adolphe Hirsch. The development of the exhibition in the Observatory park and in different locations in the region will be revaluated according to the success of the first step of the project.

Colloquium 3
13 November 2020
Paper | Oral presentation

Master Thesis
January 2021