Around the world of the most amazing virtual tours

BeauxArts Magazine (In French)
Inès Boittiaux, Florelle Guillaume

25 November 2020

Do you miss museums? Interactive timeline, virtual reality experience, 360° tour… Many institutions around the world have set up virtual tour systems that allow you to explore their collections without moving an iota. From Figueras to Amsterdam via Roubaix, here is our top 15 most successful experiences!

  1. The miracle of technology in the Vatican
  2. Palace life in Versailles
  3. Chauvet without leaving its cave
  4. One foot in the tomb of the Pharaohs
  5. The World Story at the Louvre Abu Dhabi
  6. The truly sensational virtual Met
  7. Dalí’s genius within the walls
  8. Frida Kahlo’s blue house
  9. Monet, Monet, Monet

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