Free the Museum

FREE THE MUSEUM is an initiative to activate the “museum experience” in the world around us, transforming everyday places into sites of engagement, reflection, healing, activism, and informal learning.  It is a CALL TO ACTION aimed at equipping museum practitioners with the resources needed to apply their skills, knowledge and creativity to different facets of public space.  

What  is  Free  the  Museum?

2020 is a year of transitions – for museums, museum professionals, and the people we serve. There is no turning back, and no one clear path forward. Now is the perfect time to take a wide angle view of the future: to experiment, iterate, and reevaluate.
Free the Museum is a movement to embrace these turbulent times by activating the “museum experience” in the world around us.
Free the Museum is a call to action for museum practitioners to transform everyday places into sites of learning, joy, reflection, and healing. 

Free the Museum is a way to discover new paths forward, imagining a museum model that is more inclusive and equitable, more responsive and relevant to the community in which it sits.
Free the Museum is your chance to “hack the world”, repurposing everyday places as platforms for meaning and expression, highlighting the stories they have to tell.

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