Hello, Robot. Design between man and machine

Exhibition in Neues Museum Biel – 26.09.20-03.01.20
VR visit

Delivery drones, intelligent sensors, Industry 4.0 – for several decades now, robotics has gradually taken hold in our lives and has turned our daily lives upside down. In this process, design plays a special role, as it is designers who design the interfaces between humans and machines.


The exhibition Hello, Robot. Design between human and machine presents an unprecedented insight into the recent boom in robotics. It includes more than 200 objects from the fields of design and art – robots used in the home, care and industry, video games, multimedia installations as well as examples from film and literature. Showing the multiplicity of forms that robotics takes today, the exhibition also opens up the debate on the ethical, social and political issues raised by the increasing use of these technological innovations.


Hello, Robot addresses the theme in four chapters: “Science and fiction”, “Programmed for work”, “Friend and helper” and “A total fusion”. It is as much about the fantasy of creating artificial creatures as it is about robots in popular culture. In the world of work, in which robots are particularly present, visitors will encounter both classic industrial robots and artistic installations that question the limits between work that can be automated and the – especially creative – tasks of humans. Similarly, in everyday life, the use of robots is becoming increasingly intimate – between digital friends and cybersex. The installation of sensors and the development of intelligent cities also point to a future fusion with machines.

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