Exhibition in Le Palais Rumine, Lausanne – 24.09.20-28.02.21
VR visit

The science and history museums of the Palais de Rumine are planning a new joint and interdisciplinary exhibition. How do you define what is “exotic”, in Switzerland or elsewhere? This changing notion still conditions our way of looking at the world today.

Exotic? is the result of a research project led by Professor Noémie Etienne (University of Bern). In line with the work that critically addresses Swiss history, the exhibition will examine the relationship between Switzerland and foreign countries during the Enlightenment, but will also provide a link to the 21st century and an understanding of the world views or clichés that arise from them.

In view of the subject matter, which is sometimes sensitive, numerous mediation activities, as well as artistic installations or partnerships with other cultural institutions will accompany Exotic? which is intended to be a space for reflection on Switzerland’s place in history and in the world.

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