Museum Electro

An exhibition in the heart of the Espace Découverte Energie (Ede).

Visits to EXPO ELECTRO are accompanied by a guide who will tell you all about the history of electricity and will brighten up your exploration of this magnificent building with illuminating anecdotes.

EXPO ELECTRO, permeated by the atmosphere of a former power station which has now been listed as a historic monument, features almost 500 items including a dynamo manufactured in 1896 by René Thury, a Swiss, in whose honour the first hall is named. A second hall acts as a contrast, showing 150 items (Edison bulbs, rectifiers, motors etc.) paying tribute to the genius and father of alternating current, Nikola Tesla.

EXPO ELECTRO, St-Imier. © Schreyer

Location in St-Imier, Jura-bernois
The visit of EXPO ELECTRO is only accompanied by a guide.
Duration: 1h – 1h30


  • visit from monday to sunday
  • reservation one week in advance
  • Possibility to reduce this time subject to guide availability.
  • Schools, special rates on request
  • max. 20 persons


  • Guided tours on fixed dates are organised several times a year for the individual public (dates available on

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