GEED platform

A new blank sheet of paper to reinvent digital mediation

The GEED platform rewarded at the GLAMi Awards 2019 in Boston with the Besançon Museum of Fine Arts & Archaeology project

Dynamic Scripting

Create your visit scenarios from the GEED backoffice and choose your application template.
Enter your texts and load multimedia content in an easy-to-use interface.

One application, many possibilities

The visiting application has rich features :
– tour route
– videos
– audio
– virtual reality
– multilingualism
– accessibility
– plans and maps, etc.

Your contents in autonomy

The administration of your content and the scenario of the visit application is done from a powerful and intuitive backoffice. Drag and drop your media and they will be encoded automatically.

Based on web standards

The visit application is realized using the web standards HTML5, CSS, Javascript.

Expandable cover

The GEED network can be extended by the addition of new boxes and can cover a room as well as an entire museum or outdoor space.

Similar performance to native applications

The application is optimized for mobile devices and uses device hardware acceleration to ensure optimal performance.

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