Time Machine. The Städel Museum in the 19th century

Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main
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What did the museum look like in the 19th century? The Time Machine Web Special and the associated virtual reality app offer fascinating insights into the museum’s historical art presentation modes – online and on site at the Städel. With a pair of virtual reality glasses, you can travel back to the year 1878 and discover the Städel and its former collection rooms.

The Time Machine on site

Travel to the past – with the aid of VR technology
The Städel Museum invites you to come along on a journey to the past. In our collection rooms, you’ll be welcomed by specially trained staff, who will give you background information on the “Time Machine” and acquaint you with how to use the VR glasses you’ll have at your disposal. Following brief instructions, you can take off for the fascinating world of virtual reality and experience the past.

Research project
Thanks to 3D technology, a research team of the Städel Museum, over a period of several years, was able to create a highly detailed reconstruction of the historical presentation of its collection. With the Time Machine, you can explore the Städel Museum’s historical locations of the years 1816, 1833 and 1878, the respective collection presentations and the works on exhibit at the time –online. You can also embark on your journey back in time by downloading the research results from the Oculus Store with an app developed especially for the virtual reality glasses “Samsung Gear VR”.

Link to the project

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