Narrative spaces? The scenography toolbox

Herman Kossmann

The staging of space, collections, images, text, light, photography, film, new media and interaction puts an exhibition in a unique position to inform and seduce visitors, to amaze, involve and enrich them. In a well-designed exhibition, the media used do not form individual, scattered elements, but merge to form a balanced and effective whole. The task is always to immerse the visitor in a world of experience that is as rich in content as it is effective, and to generate new ideas. We see exhibitions as stimulating narrative spaces that invite visitors to actively participate.
Over the years, our office Kossmann.dejong has developed an exhibition vocabulary designed to facilitate understanding between us and the people we work with. The following nine criteria or concepts are not intended as a recipe for designing an exhibition. Rather, they establish a framework that should raise awareness of what an exhibition or narrative environment can or should be, and allow us to discuss the very nature of exhibition practice.

Dramaturgie in der Ausstellung. Stapferhaus Lenzburg: Sibylle Lichtensteiger, Aline Minder, Detlef Vögeli (Hg.)

Schema Transdisciplinarity

Reference from the 2018 Summer School at the HKB.

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