Containment, time to “rethink our relationship with time”.

Marine Le Breton
Article in Huffingtonpost

For many, time is long during this coronavirus epidemic and often synonymous with boredom. It can, however, allow us to learn about ourselves.

PHILOSOPHY – Time goes by and the days look the same. It sometimes becomes difficult to distinguish a Tuesday from a Saturday, or even to know exactly what day of the week it is. For French people who do not work or telework, time may have become strange since the beginning of the containment against the coronavirus pandemic.

For some, it can stretch, for others, it can pass faster. Either way, it seems to have become distorted. “The time pattern has changed completely, it’s transformed, even for people who are teleworking or who have to do everything at once. When the relationship to space changes, the relationship to time changes,” says philosopher and psychoanalyst Hélène L’Heuillet, author of “Éloge du retard: Où le temps est-il passé”, contacted by Le HuffPost.

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