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MuseumNext ( is a Global Conference series on the future of museums.
Since 2009, our events have acted as a catalyst for inspiration, innovation and collaboration, bringing together those who are shaping the museum sector. These films share presentations from our conferences.

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Jim Broughton, Head of International Engagement, The Natural History Museum London
Jim talked about the decisions museums must make in order to identify new areas for expanding their revenue-generating activities, without compromising either credibility or core purpose. He shared how the Natural History Museum had developed a strategic approach to evaluating and cultivating opportunities in order to accrue benefits that support its mission to challenge the way society thinks about its relationship with the natural world as much as they contribute funding towards its operations, programmes and research.
MICRO’s fleet of six-foot-tall museums are installed in high-impact public spaces from Rockefeller Center to NYC’s busiest public hospitals, reaching new audiences who would not otherwise have access to traditional museums.
The world’s first physically distributed museum, MICRO is a museum for everyone, everywhere. MICRO’s co-founder Charles Phillipp will share insights from MICRO’s unique approach to museum storytelling and design for new audiences in public spaces, an approach that ensures visitors of all ages and backgrounds can engage with complex topics from biology to physics, engineering and beyond.
Adam Reed Rozan,
Director, Programs & Audience Development,
National Museum of American History

Cultural organizations have historically shied away from taking on complex social issues through their collections and the stories they tell, choosing the safer path instead. But can they still afford to take the safer path? Many are choosing not to.
In this talk, Adam Rozan explores how cultural institutions are either preparing for or dealing with drastic, global changes. He highlights specific examples, particularly from the corporate world, and the lessons that all organizations can glean about what’s working or not.
Peter Gorgels, Internet Manager at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will share everything you always wanted to know about Rijkmuseum digital strategy and Rijksstudio, but were afraid to ask. This session will deep dive into some of the most successful projects on the digital side of museums, sharing the lessons that Peter and his team have learned along the way.
Lynda Kelly is Head of Web and Audience Research at the Australian Museum, Sydney. She has published widely in audience research and writes the popular blog ‘Audience Research’.

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