Coronavirus: “A piece of Elsewhere in your home”

Maison d’Ailleurs – Yverdon-les-Bains (VD)

It’s time to take your capsule!
No, we’re not talking about a medicine, but rather about something whose effects could be similar to a vitamin shot: a bit of Elsewhere… at home!
“A Bit of Elsewhere in Your Home” is a micro-series of daily episodes based on culture, science fiction and good humour.
Because we all need it, and at the moment it’s difficult (or rather impossible) to go out to take care of our morale: we’ll bring you every day a little bit of Ailleurs, our Ailleurs, the one of the museum and its collections, and this, until April 30th at least.
So get ready to discover works, games, comics, books, objects… and to meet the partners and actors of the museum!
Hang on, we’re coming up fresh, motivated and disinfected, to make you laugh and think…
Let’s spread the culture virus!

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