10 Museum Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Devon Turner
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River & Rowing Museum What’s On Guide designed by Altogether Creative.

We’re aiming to cleanse the internet of cringe-worthy content. Help us spread the word about museum marketing mistakes to avoid so we can forever eliminate cut-off content and hours spent on admin.
Marketing is about appealing to the masses. From inaccessible web practice, to trashing good content, read all about what you shouldn’t do, to learn about what you should.

  1. Speaking to one audience
  2. Missing out on a blog (example with the Australian National Maritim Museum)
  3. One-use content
  4. Being hard to reach
  5. Not sizing graphics
  6. Not joining in festivals and events
  7. Not using a Social Media Management Tool
  8. Forgetting about print materials
  9. Failing to promote your shop
  10. Not being fully accessible

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