Design Entrepreneurship | 12–21.12.2019

Teachers: Thierry Blancpain, Florian Jakober

What is design entrepreneurship
“Design entrepreneurship evades these economic rituals because the designers don’t wait for a client to bring them a design problem; instead, the designers define the problem themselves and develop its solution in a business venture. And their solution can often be as creative as its team, price and distribution.”
Robert Lzicar, Head of MA Design, HKB, Bern

Homework “Fake Prototype”
Choose an existing organization or project as an example. Choose a piece of content about that organization and model your project onto it.

For my project, I use the layout of the Science Museum of London’s website

PDF file of the fake prototype and the presentation

Homework “Company Profile”
Task: Create a written profile on one of the organizations listed below. Additionally prepare a few images and large text slides for your group’s in-class presentation. Use your way of thinking and approaching subjects as a designer to learn more about the company. But don’t forget points of view outside of what traditionally is thought of as design: cultural, financial, at a societal level, engineering-wise, in regards to its financing, etc.

Meeting with the founders of Kin Kin Green Tea
Damian Fopp, curator at the museum fur gestaltung zurich
Severin Zaugg, Screen Designer

We also learned how to fill in our Business Model Canvas

Homework “MVP for design and finance” (PDF)

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