API Culture Day

Newsletter 19.12.19 | Link article on Medium

How Our API Culture Day Berlin Went

The API Culture Days in Berlin aim to create a platform to discuss open access for culture and accelerate the adoption of the licensing policies and tools for openness. The first of the events in series happened on the 10 Dec 2019 in collaboration between Stadtmuseum Berlin, Humboldt Forum and Yunow.

15 museum professionals from Berlin museums and cultural institutions who already acted towards open access within their organisation, or started to, met to make things go faster.

By gathering the main Berlin’s museums we were able to produce a mapping of the key leaders of change regarding open access and open data in Berlin’s cultural scene. We also worked together to identify the different challenges and friction points to work on in the future. The main topics of discussion revolved around the need to a common culture of open access, how to fulfil users needs with digital offerings but also how to uniform databases and co-create a technical infrastructure.

Big questions for the next editions will be around ethical guidelines of open access for museums and how to free sensitive content.

This event is part of our research programme “Open Museum“, read more about it on our website. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the announcements of further events.

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