TimeWorld 2019

TimeWorld values connected intelligence
International Congress on Time in Paris (21, 22, 23 November 2019)

Can we live without a calendar? Does DNA record the passage of time? Do atoms take their time? Biological immortality: fiction or reality? Are musicians time makers? If you have these and many other questions about the weather, TimeWorld is for you.
Through conferences, round tables, shows, workshops, all participants contribute to the current reflection on time.

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Can we measure the Time?

Is the time of the gnomons back?

Time is finally a construction

Can we really travel to the future?

Can we say that the Universe has 13.8 bilion years?

Time perception: after one year of isolation

A single time for all, or each one his own?

Can we take over the time?


What do you think time is?

Time of brands

Time according to Laurent Lafforgue

Time in the cinema

Perception of time in Japan

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