Is time passing too quickly? The paradoxes of time. Does time exist? Is time an illusion?

Is time passing too quickly?
From the debate on the change of time in Europe to the feelings of refugees (how to envisage the future when you live in the temporary?), from Trump, president of the snapshot, to Tanzania, which wants to set the record straight in its administration, from infernal rates to shifts on Mars, from the biological clock to mechanical clocks, the problem of time crosses all fields. Movie + Special page
Courrier international, December 2018

The paradoxes of time
Is time an illusion? Does time have an end? Is time a luxury? Is time the same for everyone?
Pour La Science, November 2018

Does time exist? TED Ed 2018

Andrew Zimmerman Jones

Is time an illusion?
Time is easy to perceive, but difficult to define. It is modulated by our emotions in neuroscience, irreversible in statistical physics, only local in relativity, fluctuating in biology. Is it impossible to give a universal definition? For some physicists, time simply does not exist…
Pour La Science, November 2010

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