Social Design

Teacher: Minou Afzali
Visit the exhibition during the course Design with Social Impact. We analysed the exhibition by making a report which is available here!

Exhibition of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, 05.10.2018–03.02.2019

A loom to start a business, a do-it-yourself house, or a solar kiosk for local power supply: social design is design for and with society — and highly topical. The consequences of the global growth economy are becoming increasingly severe for both human beings and the environment. Social design confronts the increasing imbalance of resources, means of production, and future opportunities and relies on a new, equitable exchange between the individual, civil society, the state, and the economy. Against this background, architects, designers, craftsperson, and engineers are all developing solutions. This exhibition presents relevant international projects and discusses the redesign of social systems, as well as of living and working environments.
Anyone and everyone can help shape society!
The exhibition integrates a forum enabling visitors to share their own knowledge, opinions, and ideas.

«Design always stands in a social context. While I was working on Social Design, the political situation in many parts of the world developed in a way that I would not have thought possible. I am glad that there are designers and initiatives whose projects are embracing this challenge and have the world as a whole in mind.»
Angeli Sachs, Curator

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