Summer School 2018 – Museum der Zukunft ! | 20.08–01.09.2018

Organisation: Lea-Nina Fischer, Kathrin Merz, Guy Lafranchi, Jimmy Schmid
Partner (Historical Museum of Bern): Barbara Hirsig, Franziska Karlen, Merja Rinderli, Jakob Messerli

Program | Reader

In the summer of 2018, before I started my MAD training, I attended the Summer School “Museum der Zukunft! For 10 days we worked in groups of 5 students in an interdisciplinary way. The programme was to learn how to reinvent the Historical Museum of Bern in 2050, how it would be seen, how its collections would be presented.

It has been a rich and exciting experience. The meetings, conferences, references, experiences to get out of one’s comfort zone brought me a lot for the development of my project and for my professional life.

Many thanks to the team of teachers who made this wonderful summer school possible, to the speakers and to my colleagues, Mateo Garcia Torres, Adam Netter, Jelma Oda, Tina Odermatt for their commitment and generosity.

Project of our ASCARI team | Panel 1 | Panel 2
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